The 2019 State pageant will take place in Columbus, Ohio and will feature delegates from across Ohio who have been carefully selected during a casting process designed to put the best of the best on stage.

The pageant will consist of interview, fitness competition, modeling, and other ‘fast track’ competitions designed to narrow the field down to the lucky young lady who will wear the crown and represent Ohio at the national pageant.

The interview will be a panel interview with 3-5 judges and will be no longer than 5 minutes. The interview will be based on your paperwork and your Beauty With a Purpose proposal.
20 %

Fitness competition will be carried out and judged by industry professionals. It is not a competition on who has the best body, but the fittest contestant. The winner will be fast tracked to the top 12.
20 % fast track “Miss Fitness”

Modeling will be judged on stage, the best model will be fast tracked to the top 12. This will be in swimwear for Miss delegates and Fitnesswear for Teen delegates. The delegates body shape, fitness or swimsuit itself is not judged, her ability to model the outfit to the best of her ability is.
20 % fast track “Miss Ohio’s Supermodel” “Miss Ohio’s Teen Supermodel”

Beauty With A Purpose proposal is required by all delegates as Miss World’s international platform is charity and giving back is its main focus. Each delegate is required to turn in a 1 page proposal or essay outlining what she would do if she were to win $10,000 Beauty With A Purpose Award from Miss World. This can be a dream charity (ex: cancer patient benefit fund) or physical effort (ex: build a school), it can be something she wants to do or a platform she is currently involved with. How would $10,000 add to what she is already doing, how could it help the charity do better, or how could it help her achieve your goal of giving back.
20% fast track “Miss Ohio’s Beauty with a Purpose”
“Miss Teen Ohio’s Beauty with a Purpose”

Overall Impression score is just that, the overall impression a delegate gives on and off the stage. Judges will interact and be present during the entire pageant weekend, being ‘on’ is not just about being ‘on stage’. Behind the scene actions and interactions are just as important as what a delegate does on stage. 20%

Peoples Choice will be decided on by the public and the winner will be fast tracked to the top 12. An online public vote will take place in the week leading up to the state pageant and will determine the Peoples Choice winner. Peoples choice has no bearing on the judging.
0 % fast track “Ohio’s Peoples Choice” “Teen Ohio’s Peoples Choice”

Delegates who are fast tracked into the top 12 are not made known to the judges so the judging during the top 12 is unbiased. The fast track awards are given out before crowning but after scoring is complete.

Top 12 to Top 5 eliminations will be based on an onstage interview with host including a discussion on the BWP proposal and evening gown modeling.